Maybe in the daily grind of living, you have become accustomed to the ordinariness of it all. Maybe you have started to behave like an automaton, just going to work and then returning home after work. Then during the weekends you stay at home to relax or go to the mall to eat at a restaurant. 

You go through every day feeling like everything is a routine but alas it is time for you to wake up to realize that life is short. If you don't you might reach your old age regretting that you did not learn to enjoy life, that you did not even dare try an adventure for yourself. This is the reason why you should have the mindset of life is short. 

Aside from this you might still be harbouring feelings of regret, bitterness and disappointment about the past. You might still feel that you have the right to harbour these feelings against a person or persons. If you realize that life is short then you may find it easier to release such negative emotions that you have held on to for so long. You will then find your life becoming lighter in the process.

There is such a joy in taking on this mindset because by taking on this mindset you give yourself permission to enjoy. For example you may wish to try out a hobby that you have been holding off for such a long time already. You may also be open about your feelings for someone and finally have the courage to start a romantic relationship with that person. Visit this website at for more details about e-cigs. 

You might want to do in small steps such as inviting your family or friends to go out with you to an out of town trip. This you can do during the weekend when you have no work or during the holidays. You may also think of trying out cooking if that has been your interest for a long time already.

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